If you would not like any confessions to be made about you please send a message. Hate is tolerated up to a certain point.
you should come backk

move on

Chloeclauseiscomingtotown isn't lying about being related to Ariana Grande. She got mixed up through relations.

nigga i have not posted shit on this blog since the middle ages nor have i been in the dm fandom for months 

should this blog make a comeback bc im bored and have nothing else to do tbh

hey i know you guys don't post anymore but could you just make ONE final secret?? it's a very good, benificial one that i want people to see..

i wont make a confession but ill publish it if you send it to me 

dude other people would love to run this blog if you are never going to post anything

wanna know who gives a fuck
not me

If you aren't going to make confessions, can someone else? This blog would be great. I would love to admin. If not that's fine


none of those tumblr pages are up...

joshhyland moved to karlacabellos and idk who lukasiakland is anymore

what is cara's blog? and what is karly's blog? sorry, i'm out of it.

cara-lukasiakland karly- joshhyland